Aquarelles FACES?… FAÇADES?

Aquarelles  FACES?… FAÇADES?


“Masks help us each time wear our real face. We identify so much that the mirror reveals the scenes from the past or non-desirable future. Masks contain us up to the erotic spasm. Only the time of death do we get our look without mask, as our life has made us useless and it does not want us any more. Our real face is the most useless one.”(Hatzidakis). Faces?… Façades?… The other side of Being and Appearing. The second is contrary to the first, to reality, truth. Appearing is interwoven with lie, fraud, non-truth. But we know that appearance (phenomenon) is a way to learn a part of the truth. The façade is something that goes in front of the face, so it contains a part of the truth of the person who wears it. “Besides, humans are thus a marionette resigned to conventional lies, a mask that comes in between useless desires of their personality and conventional comedy that superstitions of each age impose.” (Piero Tosi). By immaterial masks humans wear in every moment of their life, they hide their intentions and even more they pretend not only towards others but towards themselves as well. They cover, forget what really causes them pain.


Material: Ink on paper