2250 AD “quailnest”

2250 AD “quailnest”


1000 AD egg size: 3,5cm

1500 AD egg size: 3,5cm

1900 AD egg size: 3,5cm

1990 AD egg size: 3,5cm

2011 AD egg size: 3,5cm


2250 AD egg size:18cm……∞


 Nature the system which is composed of all forms of life, is in a state of dynamic balance. The components of the living whole interact both with themselves and with the external world and are all affected by each otherꞌs existence. Although man is inextricably , linked to the ecosystem and depends on its preservation for survival, he adapts nature to himself and his own needs, continuously transforming it Technological “Revolution” in the name of development and improvement of life conditions signifies a new power to era. Man shifts from a kind of power to a new one, having now reached a point where he makes use of nuclear energy for “peaceful” (?) purposes due to his greediness, environment has become hostile to all organisms in Chernobyl a notorious nuclear accident, radioactivity exposure caused death and DNA mutation to several organisms, which was transferred from generation to generation with the result of fatal malformation (teratogenicity) due to gene or chromosome deterioration.

Materials: cardboarg, enamels, ostrich eggs, polystyrene, straw, soil.