Trapped In Colours


Art installation

Project-Made in Thessaloniki #2

ART group:  Elena Kasimati,Loida Nedeltsou,Nora Pavlidi

“Horror Vacui”

 “Nature abhors a vacuum” (Aristotele)


Taking action in the public space – shop windows’ time

   Influenced by the economic crisis, the bankruptcy of many entrepreneurs in our city, the closing down of shops, people’s irrational consumerism with easy loans and credit cards which have led many families to financial difficulties forcing them into debt, we have come to the conclusion that shops and shop windows are a trap. A trap for the shopkeeper  who invests their money, but, if  the cost is higher than  profit, they are then unable to cope, the company goes bankrupt and the shop closes down. On the other side, it is a consumerism trap for the people who often become victims of meaningless shopping indebted to their credit cards. In the animal kingdom the animals create traps to get their food. This is the law of the jungle, which is now happening in the big cities as well. Like the example of the spider which casts a web quickly and everywhere, onto something which is void but also where life exists. Among us, beside us, before us we cast the space around us as a colour trap but also a money trap! The colours  symbolise the colourful eye-catching labels; so do the colourful bank notes. Everything is a colour trap. To which we end up trapped, forced by the fear of a VOID. A VOID which we finally  end up in.

Materials: colored ribbons, photocopied euro notes, iron grid