Roi Mat

“Tirannis hrimasi”(Herodotus)


[Money turns out to be a tyrant]

Value of money as a means of exchange is conventionally determined within a society. Unfortunately one’s personal values in relation to others’ are measured by wealth. Feelings such as un satisfaction or little confidence are commonplace today. Vulgar materialism and careerism are the dominant drifts of our times and money, being the most important value, has become our Lord and Master rather than servant.  Our world is a big chessboard where people are the counters and money the actual player. Audience’s controlled participation is a main element of my work.



There are two chessboards, a big one sized 4.80cmΧ4.80cm where the audience stands [they are the counters] and a smaller one sized 60cmΧ60cm. A cube is on a square at the big chessboard and the small chessboard on top of that. Human faced counters stand screwed on it.  There are also two forms three times bigger than the counters, who stand for the people playing the lot. They are both covered with 50 euro notes, which have been scaled down. Those forms are similarly screwed on the tableaux so that everything resembles the lot Andersen – Kieserizky played in 1851 in London. Whites won.

Materials: plastic, wood, pulp, wood screws, enamel, sticker paper